Enerflex Products

Enerflex® Radiant Barrier comes in flat panels and rolls to meet your specific needs. Use the information below to determine which products are right for your project.

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Enerflex Radiant Barrier Panels

Radiant Barrier Foil Panels

  • Install without tools
  • Tension fit between rafters
  • Best for adding a radiant barrier to an existing home

Available Sizes:

  • Standard pack: 16" x 48" for 16" oc - 10 ct (approx 53.3 sq ft)
  • Contractor pack: 16" x 48" for 16" oc - 50 ct (approx 267 sq ft)

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Enerflex Radiant Barrier Rolls

Radiant Barrier Rolls

  • Stapled to rafters
  • Best for new construction and covering the gable end walls and other vertical surfaces

Available Sizes:

  • 4' x 12' (approx 48 sq ft)

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Made in the USA